Tomcat + SLF4J + Logback

Tired of using Tomcat and having problems with logging? grgrzybek user just made a project on GitHub called tomcat-slf4j-logback: This project’s main and only goal is to allow the following: redirect all org.apache.commons.logging (repackaged to org.apache.juli.logging) calls to org.slf4j (repackaged to – i.e. handle internal tomcat logging with slf4j and logback binding, make still… Continue reading

Loosely-coupled orchestration with messaging

Just watched an incredible presentation by Uddi Dahan about Loosely-coupled orchestration with messaging. The presensation is incredible and rich with concepts, real world problems and things that matter in production distributed systems. The video can be only seem at it’s original source: Ever wanted to utilize one of the most powerful architectural approaches to… Continue reading