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I use feedly and Prismatic a lot to keep me updated with the most diverse areas in computing from Algorithms to new Big data strategies, passing by new web frameworks, trends and things like that. Despite the fact that I tweet a lot about those things, my friends keep asking me to forward then links that I’ve shared last night, week or month, so I decided to create the Techbits post, where I’ll post briefly about those links and keep them organized while also writing about what I’m currently reading or studying.

Cloud Computing Specialization @ Coursera

First of all, I’m currently doing the Cloud Computing Specialization from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on Coursera, which is entering it’s second course (Cloud Computing Concepts: Part 2). All I can say is that micro courses linked together are worth more than live tuition. The classes so far are very good, the downside is that most of the explanation given lacks a good animation to show effectivelly some of the complex algorithm described there. The programming assignments are given in C++ which is kind odd for me, but not that difficult.

Some of the concepts are worthwhile while others are better served on other material, but you will be delighted to know concepts that you otherwise take a lot of time and effort to put it together a line of study passing for all the points. (Gossip, Membership, Paxos, Time and Ordering, Leader Election, Mutual Exclusion, Concurrency Control, Replication Control, Stream Processing, Graph Processing, Structure of Networks, Scheduling and so on.

Now lets go to the current reading.

Cloud Computing

Developement and Architecture

Process and People

Big Data

That’s it for today, I hope you all enjoy the reading and keep it posted for more news by following me

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