Loosely-coupled orchestration with messaging

Just watched an incredible presentation by Uddi Dahan about Loosely-coupled orchestration with messaging.

The presensation is incredible and rich with concepts, real world problems and things that matter in production distributed systems.

The video can be only seem at it’s original source: https://skillsmatter.com/skillscasts/5090-loosely-coupled-orchestration-with-messaging

Ever wanted to utilize one of the most powerful architectural approaches to building distributed systems more? Join leading expert, Udi Dahan, the creator of NServiceBus who will talk you through Event-driven architecture (EDA) and plenty more.

Ever since callbacks made their way into programming languages, developers have been arguing whether the benefits of looser-coupling outweigh the drawback seeing the control flow in one place.

These arguments continue as developers look to leverage technologies like RabbitMQ on-premise or Azure Queues and Amazon SQS in the cloud. See which development practices can bring the global flow visualization of orchestration to your publish/subscribe messaging architectures to get the best of both worlds.

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