Is There Really A Skills Gap?

As years passes by my tought continues the same about workforce, companies still don’t change it’s culture towards inovation (Drucker?) and employees need to switch off procastination, at least in Rio, it’s hard to find people that want to work and want to learn something new.

excerpt from Inc. article:

Is There Really A Skills Gap? BY CAIT MURPHY

10 million unemployed. Yet employers’ No. 1 problem is finding the right talent.

Business owners start by blaming the education system. For example, Hypertherm, a New Hampshire maker of precision-cutting systems, says half of its applicants can’t perform simple math. Adds Jay Moon of the Mississippi Manufacturers Association: “A lot of kids cannot even read a ruler.” Many companies also complain that shop classes are being eliminated, so that few high-schoolers even know what a lathe is, much less how to work one.

And then, of course, there are young people themselves, who are supposedly churlish, selfish, and unmotivated. Robert A. Funk of Express Employment Services, one of the country’s largest temp agencies, told The Wall Street Journal that one in four people who comes to Express cannot pass a drug test, and another significant group is, for lack of a kinder word, lazy. “The American work ethic,” he said, “just isn’t there today like it used to be.”

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